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“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.”  (Cesar Chavez)


I’d like to begin by noting that my primary goal after leaving this class is not just to educate myself on diverse cultures but also to spread that education to my friends in a polite and friendly way. That being said, in the spring of 2018 I plan to visit China for 2 weeks with some friends. In order to best I’d like familiarize myself with some of the literature of the region I’m designing a doable goal of reading just 3 books/short story collections of nonfiction which originate from China. The geographical region which makes up China is massive and incredibly diverse so I don’t plan to try exploring all of its nuances, I’d just like to get a general sense of some Chinese literature more generally. My plan is to read one book which focus on the experiences of the Chinese people in a significant historical event and two concerned with the fate of lesser known communities in the country. The Words Without Borders website has a good starting point. I started reading the story of a Homosexual: An interview with Ni Dongxue. Homosexuality in China is something I know nothing about and text allows me to explore the manner in which Chinese individuals and the state view homosexuality.  Another text I’d like to read is “The Good Women of China” a non fiction text which explores the condition of women in China– a community which I know very little about. I believe that I could finish the first text in a few hours it’s quite short and I may in fact read it this afternoon. “Good Women of China” is a more substantial piece and would likely be something I would read over the summer. Finally, during the weeks leading up to my vacation (I leave March 19th 2018. . . I think) I will read “China’s War With Japan: The Struggle for Survival.” This will give me a glimpse into how the Chinese, as a wider population, experienced the second World War.


Story of a Homosexual: Interview with Ni Dongxue


Good Women of China: Hidden Voices


China’s War With Japan: The Struggle for Survival


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