About My Blog

Image: This is a photograph of an Aloe Striata stand alone stalk (The tall  tree like object in the center of the image) which I took in Fairview Park (Costa Mesa). I love cacti and maintain a mini cactus garden at home.  I thought  this particular plant represented my mission in this blog in that I am attempting to use the resources around me to grow my own intellectual stalk from which to spread my ideas.

In my community I consider myself to be a friend, a brother, a boyfriend, a son, and a leader. I’m a student of english who I hopes one day study law but in the meantime. I’m pursuing my other interests.  In this blog I step away from some of the associations which define me. I ask myself a  question. What else can I be? Here I become a poet, a critic of literature, and even a philosopher. I critique the views of others but also try to build on their thoughts. My goal is to step outside my own frame of the world, and see what others have to say and incorporate that into my own thoughts.


I begin by exploring the structure of my community’s window for viewing the world,  I try to become self conscious of my own language and thought. Then I take a step out of the window and find the places where my community and my family interacted with communities which weren’t their own. Finally harnessing a more diverse perspective  I reappropriate my community’s language to explore it in my own individual way through poetry which attempts to redefine the notions of diversity, truth and culture.


I believe this blog is geared towards undergraduate student of literature hoping to expand their notions of the literary  canon and of what constitutes literature. Likewise anyone who wishes revisit their own definitions will be forever welcome. Follow me on my journey.


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