So Here I Am. . . (Blog Post 1)

“I and this mystery here we stand.” (Walt Whitman)

So here I am, my first day of class,

I’m an english and a philosophy major so as I read through the syllabus a few other readings caught my eye in that they triggered my inner philosophy nerd. First off it will be great to refresh my memory on what Aristotle had to say about rhetoric. However I’m even more excited to hear from some of the newer voices; “Multicultural Approaches to Argument” sounds like a phenomenal way to explore argument. I’ve taken several courses on logic/argument but never read anything which explores the topic from a literary or multicultural approach. I know this class is focused on diverse cultures but literary scholars focusing on something as structured and mathematical as argument/logic is going to produce a diversity in and of itself. Likewise I can’t wait to to read Linda Alcoff on “The Problem of Speaking for Others.” I just wrote my thesis for philosophy on the subject of epistemic injustice a topic which Alcoff works closely on so it’ll be great to hear what she has to say about this issue.

The final project, for which I’ll write a poem will also help me build upon new skills in deploying the english language in diverse ways. I hope to conceptualize and synthesize what I’ll learn through the other readings to employ them in an attempt to redefine and break down the definitions of certain words in english. 

Thing’s I’ll learn

To write in a manner which speaks to all audiences

Strengthening my knowledge of different cultures.

Become more understanding  and respectful of different cultures

To disassemble the components of my own language

My Identity

I consider myself a student, a friend, a leader, a boyfriend, and a brother. But in this blog I become more, I become a poet, a philosopher, a linguist, and a critic. 


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